Monday, January 26, 2009

More math

I was putting Leo down tonight after we had been at Vicki's house. I was trying to get him to lie down and calm down so I asked him how many pets Joylin had. He replied 2 - for the two dogs. I said what about the hermit crabs, and he said 2. I said and the kitty cat? He said, she has 2 dogs, 2 hermit crabs, and 1 kitty cat. I asked how many that was altogether and without missing a beat, he said 5. I was so proud and surprised - I nearly fell off the bed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Leo's first skiing at a resort

Leo and I went up to Eldora Sat. I had such an amazing spring skiing day at Copper Fri that I felt compelled to take Leo skiing. And since Kyla had successfully gone, I thought Leo was ready. Eldora was sunny and calm and fairly warm. It was a disaster, although I guess it could have been worse. We got a bit of a late start and ended up parking far from the lift. We had Joe's passes so we didn't need tickets luckily. Leo wanted to use his plastic 'clown' skis so we didn't rent real skis at first. I had him practice sliding and walking with the clown skis. We used the edgie wedgies and practiced the pizza slice. He really wanted to go on the 'rides' or lifts. I told him that after he mastered the rope tow ride, he could go on the chair lift ride. He really wanted to go on the rides.

So we made the 1/2 mile? trek across the snow to the lodge where they rent skis and we got him some real skis. Then we trekked back. There's a little bunny hill next to the lodge but they reserve it for ski school only. So we kept going back to the rope tow. He got tired of walking so I carried him, his boots and his skis. It took a long time to get back. Then we had to wait in a long line for the rope tow. We finally got up to the rope tow and I had forgotten to tell him to keep his skis straight and he immediately crossed his tips and face-planted. I pulled him up the slope a little and was going to use the leash to help him down. I put the little edgie wedgie on his skis and that was it. He started crying and saying he never wanted to come back here again. He cried for the next, oh, half hour or hour or so. I removed the skis and boots, and carried him to the car. I gave him candy. I put on his favorite Pixar CD. He said several times that day that he did not want to ever go back there again. So much for skiing. Maybe we'll try next year...