Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arrival in Hawaii!

We arrived last Monday in Honolulu. It was an extremely hectic time, visiting way too many daycares, interviewing nannies, visiting apartments and trying to line up furniture. Paul and I were part of the Governor's press conference the day after we arrived. Luckily, Pop-pop came with us so he could watch Leo while all these logistics were getting sorted out. Here's a few pictures of the first crazy week. Paul and I are now working really hard, even though we're still living out of suitcases and finding office space. Leo is doing well, having a blast in the new location with all the new sights and smells and sounds.

A kayak ride in the lagoon behind the hotel. This Hilton lagoon is perfect for wading and learning to swim. Leo has been catching fish in the lagoon too, using his crocs as nets.

Leo and Paul at the Thai restaurant.

We did a whale watching catamaran ride on Sunday. Pop-pop got sick but Leo stood in the very front of the boat, got soaking wet, and loved it! I didn't see the whales but apparently there were some, including one pretty close to the boat.

We're trying to get this apartment at the Moana Pacific, a new high rise near our work places. It's huge, but that means plenty of room for you to come visit!

Leo's new nanny, Juliana, from Brazil. We looked at 6 daycares and the waiting lists were long, there was very little outdoor space (we're in the middle of a BIG city), and the student/teacher ratios were 12:1. It was scary, so we started to look at nannies and Juliana got rave recommendations. She just moved here too, from Boston.

The rotating restaurant Top of Waikiki

Right past my brain

Leo was trying to say something while he was distracted with his toys. He kept repeating words, saying, "but but but". Paul pointed out that he was so distracted, he couldn't even talk properly. Leo replied, "Like the words I was gonna say, zoom right past my brain."