Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Leo as a roly poly for Halloween

Leo dressed up as a roly poly (pillbug) for Halloween this year. Paul and Leo spent months on this costume, dissecting real pillbugs to figure out how they worked.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Oops! The videos should work now!

Sorry about the settings on the youtube videos from yesterday. It should all work now if you want to try again!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sushi Chef Leo

Leo in his new happy coat making a happy meal.

This is O-nigiri, a type of sushi. I have O-nigiri every day for breakfast in Japan. I buy them from the 7-11, where they come in the refrigerated section and are wrapped with layers of plastic that keep the seaweed fresh. They come in all kinds of flavors: raw tuna, eel, plum, caviar, etc. Turns out Leo loves this stuff too!

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Stick Bomb!

I got lucky and finally found the stick bomb toy on my trip to Tokyo.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Arrived in Japan about 4pm to figure out the long commute into Tokyo from the airport. We had big luggage so we took the bus which is more direct but got stuck in Sunday traffic. Got to hotel about 7 pm. Then it took over an hour to meet co-worker's cousin at subway station next to hotel because it was so confusing. We then met cousin and took two different subway lines (which means getting out and walkin to different stop and paying again). Got lost trying to find sushi place and finally arrived for dinner at 9pm. Ate some really expensive sushi (cheap for Japanese standards) and made it home around 11pm way exhausted.

I wanted time to myself so I left the group to find Studio Ghibli which unfortunately is very popular and has restricted visitation plus is far from center of Tokyo. So I went to the Mori Museum. Did the Tokyo City view tower and spent morning viewing contemporary Arab art! Very cool and disturbing stuff.

Then an hour wandering around trying to find tempura soba to satisfy craving. I can't remember my Japanese alphabet well so it takes a LONG time to try to read menus and am in the foreigners area so here's a lot of pizza and no soba! Plus some restaurants have ticket machines or eve computers where you order and it was too intimidatin for me.

Settled for tuna rice bowl. Like poke bowl. It comes with teapot of soup stock. Not sure why but it is yummiest soup stock ever. Nothing like MSG to brighten a soup!

Can't get data plan working on phone or ipad but I try to find wifi when I can. Hope all is well back at home!