Friday, January 18, 2013


Leo produced his first comic book today. He made five copies to sell at recess today. It is titled, "The Fart that Ate Colorado" and details Finn's fart that becomes toxic and mutates and how everyone smells the fart to save the day. Unfortunately, this is followed by everyone burping, which sets us up for the sequel. He made 75 cents selling this at school and has more orders.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

When you have homework to do, it's time to make a video

Leo had to make a poster about himself for homework this weekend. It consisted of like ten questions and some coloring. You would NOT believe the fight we had over this today. He got tired of coloring, his neck hurt, he decided it wasn't really due tomorrow, etc.

But he did have HOURS of time to make this video, consisting of 766 pictures. It is not yet done, either. I am sure he will make plenty of time to finish this:

If you can't see this, go to

Regarding the music, my choice. He asked for scary music. I had none on the ipad. I suggested this. He asked me what it was about, but he did like it!