Sunday, February 2, 2014

More from Eldora

We hit Eldora again this weekend. It was a zoo with the longest lifelines we'd ever seen, probably because of the 17" they got Friday plus Super Bowl Sunday. We did manage to get some nice turns in Moose Glades, however:

If you can't see this, go to:

Here's the boys at the top of Placer Glades. They forced me down here when we should have been at lunch.

Bad idea because there were a lot of rocks and stumps and we ended up on a lifeline mogul run with a ski school and I managed to practically break my leg trying to avoid the ski school on the way down. Time to go take more ibuprofen...

Karaoke Lipsync practice

We had a great time at Chinese New Year dim sum. A lot of Leo's friends joined us. They open up a stage after the Lion Dance for the kids to do karaoke. Unfortunately, none of our kids could read the Chinese so here they are just pretending to sing along.