Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Leo's 6th birthday party pix

Some pictures of Leo's birthday party. Sorry for the repeat for those on Facebook.

We had a successful party, thanks to help from Porpor and Poppop who came in from NJ to join the festivities. Leo asked Paul for another magic show this year because his new kindergarten friends didn't believe his dad could do magic. Paul obliged. Leo did a trick too, as part of the show.

Here's Leo doing the wingardium levioso spell on a steel ball to make it levitate:

Before the show, Paul takes a shot of the crowd:

Leo was showing off for his new girlfriend, Foster (in pink), whom he says he's going to marry.

The traffic jam on the slide:

The second highlight of the party - the Transformer pinata. I have never seen kids move so fast. The pinata was completely smooshed to pieces by the end of this.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leo's new magic trick

Leo did a magic trick as part of Paul's magic show for his sixth birthday. If you can't see this, go to