Saturday, February 25, 2012


Leo's learning amazing stuff in math. On Thursday, I was able to keep him eating by giving him math problems: "what is 16 x 2", which he was able to successfully answer by carrying the 1. Then he made up his own math problem, "what is -34 x 2" and managed to successfully answer that too. His teacher rocks!


Leo's new friend Alicia successfully caught him and kissed him in the playground. This seems to be a new game the girls are playing. Paul told Leo that he heard Alicia wanted to marry his best friend Oliver and not Leo. Leo responded, "Phew!"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Last day of blue Trek ski lessons

Sunday was the last day of the blue Trek ski lessons. Parents could have discount tickets to ski with their kid's class. The parents gathered round the class. The teacher asked the parents if they were comfortable skiing in the trees and black diamond runs and all. Then she took us all down into the trees where we skied uncomfortably close together, following each other. We did the half pipe and the runs that are usually closed off for racers.

If you are a diehard ski fan, you can see a video of the kids coming down LaBelle. Leo is first and the other kids follow:

If you can't see this, you can go to:


We explained movie ratings to Leo, since he likes to watch scary PG-13 rated movies (Harry Potter, Men In Black, Transformers, etc). We made the mistake of mentioning X-ratings, as something for adults. Tonight he was showing us a scary monster book from the library and asking if it was so scary to be considered X-rated or triple X-rated.

We said no, X-rated doesn't really mean scarier than R-rated. And by the way, don't mention X-rated at school. They won't like that.

Leo replied, "Then can I mention Beavis and Butthead?"