Saturday, July 25, 2009


Leo hadn't seen his nanny Juliana for a long time, since he's started at preschool here and she had been sick and then on vacation for a while. At preschool, he's made a new friend, a little girl named Chloe, who can't speak English. I think she only speaks Chinese or Japanese. Leo teaches her English and helps her at school. Anyway, Juliana came by the other night and Leo was telling her about Chloe and Juliana said, "What - you have a new girlfriend? What about me?" And Leo smiled somewhat sheepishly, and just like a guy, said, "Sorry!"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Island trip

Paul and Leo on the top of some crater lookout.

Leo showing us a 'lava tree'. The lava flows around and builds up around trees, not killing them, because they have moisture. After the trees die, the lava remains in clumps. Sometimes there are holes where the tree trunks used to be and sometimes you can see the imprint of the tree on the lava.

We took a hike through the desolate lava fields up to the Mauna Ulu crater, which is still smoking. We had to be real careful with Leo because the winds were really strong, the lava does not seem real stable along the edge of the crater, and there were vents blowing out sulphurous steam.

We didn't get a close-up view of the lava. This was as close as we could get - we just saw the reflection of the lava off the steam clouds, as the lava pours into the ocean.

Leo and Mia (his friend from school in Boulder). Mia's family was on the Big Island for a conference, which precipitated our visit out there. We hung out on Hapuna Beach (which is beautiful and has great coral) for a few days together.

Leo and Mia underwater. Mia learned how to swim last year. Leo's been in swimming classes all month, but he really made a breakthrough this weekend, watching and playing with the girls. He really got comfortable diving down for colored torpedoes and swimming about 10 feet on his own.

Cannonball! Risa taught Leo how to do a cannonball and he got a lot of practice in.

Leo spent a lot of time trying to hug Mia and hold hands with her.

Mia and Leo pretending to be asleep - not!

Paul really was asleep, poolside.

The Phair-Jones clan being silly at the pool.

The favorite part of my vacation....

Risa doing a handstand.

The snorkeling on the Big Island was MUCH better than Oahu!