Friday, February 12, 2010


It's nice to be home! Boulder is quiet - sleeping here is incredibly quiet - all you can hear is the furnace kicking on. No sirens, no motorcycles surfing wet streets, no parties on the balcony above you. The grocery stores have few people, beautiful produce, organic food and everything looks nice and it's pleasant to shop! It's cold and desolate here, and very brown, but the snow outlines the Flatirons and the trails will be inviting once I have time to get out. Leo will be so excited to be back in HIS house with HIS STUFF and throw a baby disco party for his friends.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Leo, Mira, and Amelia's butt

Mira (my best friend Root's kid) was visiting us the last two weeks (well right before I left for the mainland). We managed to convince Amelia to babysit one night so the adults could go out and enjoy First Friday and Chinese New Year simultaneously (it was a firecracker filled night in Chinatown). As you can see Leo and Mira had a great time taking pictures on Amelia's iPhone.

It went downhill from there and the 3 and 4 year olds decided it would be more fun to hit Amelia on the butt.

I'm not sure what is going on in this one, but Leo decided he needed closer inspection of the butt with a funnel. Sometimes I really have to wonder where his genetics come from.

Sid the Science Kid

I just spoke to Leo on the phone - I just got to Boulder and he's still in Honolulu. He was out at the sushi bar, eating oyster shooters. He said, "Mommy, I have a question for you. Why does Sid the Science Kid have a microphone? None of the other kids have microphones. And they are small kids. Why is he the only one with a microphone?" All in his southern drawl - it comes out real slow.

Sid the Science Kid is a TV show on PBS that we never watch because we don't have a TV. But Leo has learned to turn on the Mac, turn on Firefox, type in, and watch Sid the Science Kid videos and play games.

I asked him if he uses the microphone to talk. He said, "Yes, it comes in handy."