Saturday, January 16, 2016

Waste Warriors win 1st place in Presentation category at the State-level First Lego League Championships

Leo's team, the Waste Warriors, performed superbly at the state-level First Lego League Championships in Littleton! The 10-person team came in 1st in the Presentation category and 22nd in the robot competition category out of 73 teams:

There were teams from around the state here.

Here they are in a practice robot match:

They fixed some bugs after the first practice round:

The second actual robot competition match (after all 3 practice rounds), where they scored 367 points:

They scored 407 points in third actual robot competition match. This was the highest they've scored in any of their matches, practice or actual.

Here's the final scores in the actual robot competition. The top scorers got 746 points. Some of the robots were amazingly impressive.

They did well in the robot design category. Here's the first part of the session before my camera storage filled up:

And the rest of the robot design interview session:

It was exciting figuring out that the team had won this category!

Phaedra showing off the new trophy!