Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween monsters

Leo made these monsters out of string cheese. From the left we have a disembodied finger, a ghastliness, a ghost, a girl dressed up for Hallowwen, and a creeper from Minecraft. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leo introduces his spots!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maker Faire

Oops, this is embarrassing. I had posted this to the wrong blog. It's too late to send to Vicki and Joylin now, but for those of you who haven't gotten to a Maker Faire:

For Vicki and Joylin who are headed to Maker Faire this week. This is some of what we saw in California. Have a great time!

These cupcakes were motorized and driving around the parking lot. Paul is making three of these right now:

Here's a tesla coil booth. I think this was the kit that was designed by an MIT student:

This showed a movie on a screen of mist. The green lights to the right are another booth that had lit robots dancing to music or motion sensors, can't remember which.

Tons of R2-D2's and many are remote controlled robots

Classic steam punk art car. I'll bet this goes out to Burning Man.

This Octopus car is amazing if you can see it in action. Fire comes out of each leg and the movement is nice. This was made by Paul's friend. It comes to Burning Man.

This is the lifesize Mousetrap. It's a Rube Goldberg machine. The end is a 2000 pound weight that falls on a pickup truck:

and here the weight has fallen:

More art cars

The coke and mentos stage. I think it was some 300 bottles of coke that they sprayed. People in the front got wet.

A Lego pancake printer:

Printed pancakes:

A Lego syrup dispenser:

A 2D printer/plotter. Leo wrote his name on an ipad and it printed like this. They sold these kits. The printing was not very good.

A fancy 2D printer

Lots of people in crazy costumes.

The Whiskeydrome - this is fun to watch. I heard a guy accidentally biked out of it.

Lots of silly stuff is sold here. This was the garden gnome booth:

The one event that we did participate in was the lock-picking class:

You can bring your own remote-controlled drone to battle in this arena:

Crazy bikes and other contraptions

The battleship battle on the battle pond. These remote controlled boats shoot little metal balls at each other and sink each other:

Bicycle power makes the elephant "walk"

The Arc Attack guys in their faraday cage with the Tesla coils

A kid-made hovercraft. Operates with a little blow dryer:

Spotted boy!

Testing the muffin base!

Paul's been working hard on making the muffin!

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