Sunday, August 11, 2013

We just completed the Brain Machine kit (from Adafruit Industries). Here is Debbie getting her brain waves rearranged though intense visual and auditory stimuli. This should be a great way to reboot after a day on the Playa!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Impossible Box. Starring Leo.

Paul just completed this Impossible Box sculpture. We plan to have a picture frame set up so people can take pictures of their friends in this box at Burning Man.

Leo on the rock

Finally got Leo out on the rock! We bought him this harness when he was like a toddler, and it's a full-body harness for tiny kids. It's probably now too small, but we used it Friday to get Leo climbing for the first time in Boulder. He loved it and he did great, making it up a 5.6 (?) in Eldorado Canyon relatively easily. Maybe 5.7 for one difficult spot. Plentiful handholds and lots of pockets to stick your feet in and then up a crack that empties out into a bigger crack. The guy who had climbed this route just before us had gotten scared partway through and left his gear and pulled his rope and told us we could keep the gear. Ross climbed up alongside Leo to give him pointers, but I'm hoping Leo can just go up next time on his own. It ended up taking all morning for Ross to set it up, the kids and me to climb once, and Ross to clean it. I am hoping next time we can just set up two top ropes and belay two kids at once.