Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leo turns five!

Today Leo officially turned five, after having a big birthday bash with 60 of his closest friends a couple weeks ago, and then a mini birthday yesterday because Paul wanted to celebrate before he left for DC this week. We did a few gifts last night, mostly toys from a garage sale and books from the school book sale with a big chemistry kit (for ten-year olds, but I figure, I'm way older than ten now) thrown in because I know he'll love it.

For some reason, Leo opened every gift exclaiming, "this is just what I asked for!" I was pretty stoked, thinking I had done well. Then he opens this one:

Today at the Montessori school, Leo did a special birthday ceremony in which they light a candle that represents the sun and Leo walked around it once for each year of his life. At each year, they would ask about whether he had learned to walk, talk, where he lived etc. (Yup, this is Boulder, where the kids also learn to meditate to a little Tibetan gong)

They had us make a big poster of pictures of his life and he then walked around the room showing everyone his life - in the Zander Lander, sitting on big sculptures at Burning Man, swimming, from his life with big curly hair...

I took the afternoon off so we could go see Toy Story 3 which was great fun. This evening Sami and family stopped by which made the night seem less lonely.

At one point tonight, Leo was saying that in a 150 months he'd be dead. I said, no that is only like 10 years and you'd better not be dead in ten years. How old will you be in ten years? To my amazement, he managed to do the addition. I've taught him addition on his fingers, but I guess he's figured out how to get to bigger numbers now. And while he noticeably disappointed that his new Pokemon book was a 'chapter book' as opposed to a 'picture book' ("this book has a lot of words and not many pictures...") he did try to sound out the word 'screaming'.

Anyway, my little boy's growing up and it's sad and exciting and I'll miss him being so small.

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