Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally reading!

I really haven't been pushing this, but somehow I just thought Leo would be an early reader in the Lew family tradition. I figured he'd be a bookworm and smuggling books under the dinner table to read while we had supper.

A couple months ago, he started spelling spontaneously the words "boo", "moo", "dog" and "dots". The latter was off a candy box! Its been coming slowly. Anyway, today at school he showed me a booklet he had made by copying some cards of word families. Like "bat", "cat", "hat", "at", etc. He didn't know what the words were so I explained how to sound them out (I've explained this before). Anyway, it caught on this time and he was able to read 6 pages of word families. We called each page a "level" in gaming language (yeah, I thought he might be one of those game whiz kids who was illiterate) to make it exciting. Anyway, level 6 was attained and we celebrated.

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