Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Near accident on bike

This morning Leo was having a hard time and we rushed out of the house to bike to school instead of walking. Leo rides a tag-a-long third wheel that is attached to my bike.

Paul thought biking on the street was easier than the sidewalk or the field, both of which are clogged with people walking to school. So we rode down to Lehigh and Table Mesa and waited for an opening on Table Mesa to turn left. But there are two schools up the hill from this intersection and nearly everyone is turning left from there to go up Lehigh or going up Table Mesa to drop kids off at the schools. So we waited many minutes with no opening. Finally someone who wanted to turn left onto Lehigh stopped to let us go. Although I had recently looked up the hill and not seen anyone coming, I hadn't counted on the cars coming out of the school parking lot and so as I headed across the street, a car breezed past us several inches in front of my bike.

I told Leo to never never do what I just did. I'm still all shaken up about it. Leo said, "Mom you almost got in an accident!" I don't think he realizes we almost croaked.

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