Saturday, January 14, 2012

#1 school in Colorado!

Wow, when I bought this house in 1999, I knew I wanted a good school district even though it took me years to have a kid to send to the local schools. Yesterday when Leo and I were walking to school, we had to pass the 9 News van and the crowd around it. I figured the 5th graders were doing something cool again.

But lo and behold, Bear Creek Elementary got the highest ratings for an elementary school in Colorado!

When the wind blows, it gusts, because Leo's teacher Ray Neiman also was announced yesterday as the winner of the Impact Award from the Impact on Education. The web hasn't updated to show the actual winner but this is the announcement when he was announced as a finalist:

Anyway, we're very excited. We love Mr Neiman and find him to be amazingly creative and a tech geek as well.

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