Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zebra slot canyon

We drove the hour and a half down to Halfway Hollow, 8 miles down the Hole in the Rock Road. We got started on the hike about 11, a little late but the cowboys on front of me in the sandwich line had ordered a LOT of food. It was a good 2+ mile hike into Harris Wash, and when we found slick rock to climb up on, we got really distracted. It was a hot slog through desert sand in the wash with no shade though, and we all melted down in more ways than one when we finally found a big bush to sit under for lunch at Harris Wash. The entrance to Zebra was a windy and wind-y wash up to pink purply sandstone. The entrance to the slot was filled with sand dunes. It was tight and swirly and had the alternating left and right sides of the canyon swirling in on you. Leo ran the slot. Most adults had to brace themselves with their butts against one wall and their feet against the other. It got so narrow evryone had to dump their packs. We got out Leo's climbing shoes and let him climb up the difficult ending out of the slot with Paul close behind and me too scared to walk up the canyon walls real high with one foot against one wall and the other foot against the other. It was an aweseme slot, as good as they get. We then hopped on the slickrock to adventure home, though paths of moki balls. We next wanted to go to Tunnel slot but clouds were getting ominous, and it started to drip on us too. We forced ourselves to come back. The slog back through the sand was hot. I had to keep Leo going with silly jokes about myself and Paul had to carry him for a bit. When we were about a mile away from the car, we started talking about whether we could see the car, and Leo ran the mile back to the car. About 6+miles in 5.5 hours. Hot and dusty, but well worth it. Next time we'll start earlier to catch Tunnel slot.

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