Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leo's Birthday!

We held a big party for Leo today. He asked for a bug expedition. We couldn't find a suitable organization to host it so we did it ourselves. We outfitted each kid with a bug net, magnifying glass and bug jars. We went on a hike in Eben G Fine Park and put white cloth under bushes and shook the bushes to see what bugs fell out. We caught grasshoppers, butterflies, bees, wasps, flying ants, weevils, pillbugs, all kinds of cool critters. I brought all the identification books along but we never really got to the point where we could sit down long enough to identify them. All the bugs were freed after the hike.

We also ate bugs - mealworms, crickets, chocolate covered ants, chocolate covered worms, all kinds of wacky things from the Butterfly Pavilion. The kids loved it - well most of them.

We got a caterpillar cupcake to finish off the bug theme. Leo is excited here because he immediately recognized the trick candles that I put on the cake.

Leo's second grade teacher, Ms. Koch, came and the kids just jumped on her. They were so happy to see her. Funny how that happens in second grade but not in high school!

All in all, a great party. The kids ended it by jumping into the creek and getting completely soaked. I'm exhausted.

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