Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kristin and Dad's visit to Boulder

We had a great visit from Dad and Kristin over Thanksgiving. First we had Jason and Lisa and some kids over for a birthday dinner and party:

Complete with crown for birthday princess.

And pinata for birthday candy lovers:

We managed to get some good walks in, before the weather turned cold. Here's Dad in his fancy new down jacket:

Had Ross and Amy over and later massages with Amy for Dad and Kristin. Here's dinner out at Old Chicago's:

Spent a day getting beautified. First the hair:

Then to Lisa's new store to shop for clothes:

Paul made two pies for Thanksgiving. This is what he looks like when he's hard at work:

Thanksgiving dinner with Wendy and Ross and their friends and their kids:

Kristin and Ross:

Kristin and Carol:

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