Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Water and Ice

We visited Seljalandsfoss which is one of the more famous waterfalls in Iceland. There are waterfalls everywhere here. Big green cliffs and melting glaciers atop.

You can walk behind the waterfall. Here's Leo trying not to get wet

They have weird plants growing here. The black flies which are thick here (one flew into my eye and I screamed for a while, until we could get it out) love this plant:

Then we went to the sólheimajökull glacier and took a glacier tour. We all geared up in crampons and ice-axes.

This is how Paul drinks from the glacier:

The guide offered to hold each of us at the edge of the crevasse so we could look in. Paul was like, yeah, I trust you like I trust my cat. He just sort of stood at the edge and looked down:

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