Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slot and Canyon pictures

Panorama at Bryce Canyon - we had a great time finding animals and people's faces in these rocks.

Willis Gulch was the first slot canyon we hiked. It was wonderful. The walls weren't too high at first and there was a nice stream running through the canyon that Leo played in. It was beautiful white sandstone, very different from the typical orange Navajo sandstone.

Debbie in the slot at Wire Pass. This slot was the entrance to Buckskin Gulch.

Debbie wading in the water at Buckskin Gulch. There was a LOT of wading. I'll have to upload the pictures of Leo. He fell into the water and got real muddy and ended up hiking naked. It was really deep in some areas, but we didn't have to swim.

The quicksand that Debbie found. This canyon, next to Peek-a-boo, was full of quicksand. Debbie had no idea until she tried walking through the canyon.

The entrance of Peek-a-boo. You have to wade into a deep pool of stagnant water, walk up these tiny steps cut into the sandstone (with wet shoes) and pull yourself up to the doorway (with backpack or child on your back). Needless to say, we skipped this entrance, went in mid-way, and came around the other side.

Leo cheesing it up in Peek-a-boo and Spooky.

Debbie dropping through a window.

Classic windy Navajo sandstone slot.

Debbie about to drop down this part.

Debbie and Leo at the top of another drop.

Leo squeezing through the slots.

Debbie hanging in a cubbyhole at Devil's Garden in Escalante National Monument.

Debbie and Leo under the arch at Escalante National Monument.

And on the arch.

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