Thursday, September 25, 2008

Volume is turned down

Leo likes to make faces while I'm driving the car. I watch him in the rear-view mirror. Today he was moving his lips while he was making faces. Then he said,"My volume is turned down".

I took Leo to the dentist this morning. I don't know how that kid does it but he already has the beginnings of 2 cavities. Last time I took him, I left him in the play area while I paid the bill and he went out the dentist's office door then out the main door and outside into the parking area. I freaked out. So this time I explained carefully that he had to stay in the dentist office while I paid the bill. On the way out I congratulated him for being a big boy and staying with me. He said,"Next day I go to the dentist, I will go out the window!" I was horrified, of course. Then he added,"I'm just joking!" Got me!

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