Friday, May 1, 2009

Leo's life in Hawaii

Leo doesn't go down easy these days. It's nearly 9:30 and he's still running into my room every 5 minutes. He said, "I thought Blues Clues said I could do anything I want to do". Yes, as long as you sleep at night. Here's some picture of Leo's life in Hawaii:

Leo got an ant farm from his friend Annika, I think. We sit it on the kitchen table. It's like watching TV while you eat. It's incredibly fascinating. I could stare at these ants all day.

Leo and Paul went for a hike and it rained on them. They hiked through deep, slippery mud. It got pretty cold too. Leo became "Spit Beard the Mud Puppy" that day.

I think this is Leo at the zoo. Juliana, his nanny, takes him out on adventures all over town.

The trees are incredible here. They walk, they enfold you.

Leo at the beach. This was up at Kuilima Cove, which turned out to be an excellent snorkeling adventure. We saw cuttlefish here.

Another hike, just up the hill from our home.

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