Tuesday, August 5, 2014

China trip 3 - Naxi village

We had an extraordinary opportunity to visit a Naxi village near Lijiang. The village housed an art cooperative (lijiangstudio.org). They did things like murals on the village buildings, Naxi shaman music:

Here's an example of Naxi writing. I have no idea what this means, maybe something like, women who have babies in their bellies should go that way to find a bathroom:

This is the nearby lake. The kids caught 3 or 4 toads here.

The guy in the middle of this picture is the grandfather of the family that housed the art cooperative. Jay is on the right and worked with the grandfather to set this all up. The grandfather was a cute man. He drank whiskey with breakfast.

The grandmother of the village was an awesome lady:

We had a great dinner at the village:

Fly paper near the kitchen.

We walked to a nearby Tibetan monastery which was really cool. Here's one of the Naxi guys who rode horses near the temple:

The new part of the temple which is under construction (amazing paintings and art already on the walls before the temple was even completed):

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