Wednesday, August 6, 2014

China trip 4 - Lijiang

We went to Yulong Shan, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. We saw this awesome show about the various minority peoples, directed by Zhang Yimou. It was a giant spectacle. Outside and with the 22,000 foot mountain as a backdrop, we watched about 300 performers dance, sing, ride horses on a grand stage that encircled us.  

Cost a small fortune but well worth it. Even Leo enjoyed it. Apparently, you have to wait in line two days before the show, just to get tickets. The travel agency was hugely useful in letting us know about the show and getting us the tickets.

We never saw the mountain peak but the glaciers were occasionally visible. 

We visited the Blue Moon valley which was a series of blue glacial-fed lakes. 

We saw a minority group (the Naxi?) perform local music:

The travel agency invited us to a local Naxi hot pot place for dinner. Leo ate next to nothing but what else is new! 

Then we were off to se the Torch Festival which is a Yi people tradition. All the kids and some adults had bundles of sticks wrapped in flowers that they lit and waved around. 

Hugely dangerous and entertaining. At 9pm, the main plaza torch which was huge and which people were dancing around, was promptly doused.  

We stayed in the small town of Shuhe, which is on the Tea Horse Caravan Road. The road was established to bring tea to Tibet. Tea and salt from Yunnan went up to Tibet on the road. Yak products came down. They say that Tibetans drink a lot of tea because of their meat-based diet.  And if you've ever had the Tibetan yak butter tea, you'll often find it salty, which is sort of awful tasting.

Anyway, we stayed in a fancy hotel in Shuhe, the Huifeng New Resort Hotel, which were fancy suites, about $110, and good for parties with kids.

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