Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pix from Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

We spent the last week in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. We had a great time, climbing around on all the rocks. We found a zillion arches of all sizes, including one that Leo could barely squeeze under. This is one of the Windows arches.

Paul and Leo in Canyonlands. We took a long hike out to the high slickrock on a hot and windy day.

It was so windy, you can't hear us talking on our videos. It was so windy, our hair looked funny a lot of the time. It was so windy, it nearly knocked us down.

We had some nice desert sunsets.

Leo did a great 'happy dance' after climbing up to the white slickrock near our campsite. Then he kept going, straight up this flaky sandstone.

We found a railing that led over the highest point of a trail to Big Spring Canyon.

We stopped at the top of the trail and then climbed up the monument for a better view.

Our little pop-up camper. We love her, and in this campground near Arches, we had an electric heater and wifi!

We then managed to get a permit to hike in the Fiery Furnace, which is closed to most hiking because of the damage done to the cryptobiotic (living) soil and the myriad of trails that hikers have started in the area. This place was awesome! Sort of like Escalante's slot canyons but smaller and more intimate. You could easily get lost in the maze of slots and washes and dead-ends here.

Paul pointing out where to go next.

One of the slots.

Leo got a lot better at climbing.

Leo pointing out a slot that even he can't squeeze through.

Leo learned a lot of new climbing tricks.

Paul had a great time jumping chasms.

Leo taking the junior ranger pledge. He had to collect trash and learn about crypto soil and draw a picture to get his badge.

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