Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slip n slide

I got Leo a slip n slide - I'd seen it as a kid but never used one. I set it up and put him in swim clothes and told him to slide on it. So he sat on the 'boogie board' (a tiny inflatable raft that covers his torso) and tried to slide. I laughed and explained he had to slide on his belly. So he lay down on his belly and tried to slide. I said, no, you have to take a flying leap. He tried to jump and then lay down on his belly. Frustrated and in my full clothing, I took it from him and took a running leap down the slide. I was wearing these thin pants with a really big rivet for a button. The 'boogie board' only covered my chest so I landed on the boogie board and on this rivet which tore a hole in the slip n slide and painfully road rashed my crotch and ended up soaking wet in the little pool at the end of the slide. I was howling in pain, and limping back into the house. Leo didn't really want to try it again after that.

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