Friday, January 28, 2011

Leo's first presentation

Leo gave his first presentation today. The presentation was about what he was like as a baby, as a 5 year old and what he wanted to be when he grew up. He had pictures taped to a poster and wrote sentences about each picture.

The teacher instructed him to look at the audience, not to read his paper, and to use his loud voice. He read off the paper, not looking at the audience, in a quiet voice. The teacher asked if there other things that he did as a baby and he stood there, uncomfortably, shifting around, and didn't answer.

He finished the presentation. Finally feeling more comfortable and less shy, he smiled and said that he climbed to and past Woods Quarry all by himself and that he would have climbed down too except that he face planted.

It was an interesting experience. I certainly never had this kind of practice that young. He was so reminiscent of my own very shy and quiet self as a child. I think I'm going to prep him more next time.

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