Thursday, December 29, 2011


We are enjoying Bangkok and finding too little time to do all that we want to do. We had a great opportunity yesterday to join Bruce and Jentana and their two kids on a new catamaran, built for Bruce's friend in Phuket. It was so deluxe and quite fancy. We passed up shopping and the floating market to join them. We went out past Pattaya and sailed down to Ko Kham Yay. If we had kept going, I guess we would have hit Ko Samet which is a tourist destination. Leo had a great time playing with Vanessa and Jentana's adopted daughter Aum who is the same age as Leo. Here's Leo and Aum:
Aum is a firecracker. She really liked Leo. On the way home, she kept saying she wouldn't kiss him. Then when we were about to get out of the car, she said, ok, I'm going to kiss him. And Leo sort of curled up away from a puckered up girl. Then Aum said, when I see you tomorrow, you're going to kiss me!

We got to visit Ning, my old Thai language teacher, and her two kids:

And here are the boys at the Grand Palace and Wat Pho:

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