Friday, December 23, 2011

Sea lice and scrapes and falls

Every morning, we eat breakfast at this overpriced cafe. All the other places on this side of the peninsula are for the people who stay at those hotels and our place, being a home, rather than a hotel, doesn't have a restaurant.

They do have a nice view though:

The first night we were here, Leo fell off the edge of the concrete pad that the restaurant was sitting on and scraped the top layer of skin off much of his leg. Yesterday on our hike, he fell and broke open the wound again. He's getting used to the yellow color of iodine on his body.

Krabi is filled with limestone karst formations - these giant steep cliffs that come straight out of the sea or land. It makes for great caves and rock climbing. Here's Leo on one of his little scampers up through the caves:

And Paul and Leo about to enter Diamond Cave in the national park:

We took Leo kayaking around the islands and dove in looking for good snorkeling of which there was none. I saw one baby giant clam and one orange soft sea fan type coral and some small fish. It was sad, especially cause I remember kayaking through these same places in the 90's and looking into the water and seeing lots of coral and fish. It seems like there was a bleaching event.

Anyway, Leo got stung by a jellyfish while snorkeling and there are these little larval jellyfish, sea lice, that have been getting both me and Leo. So now Leo doesn't want to go back into the ocean.

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