Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We're in Railei Beach now which is a beautiful spot. Unfortunately, last night we went to a lovely restaurant on the beach and we went to the seafood bar and picked out clams and mussels for dinner. An hour later, Leo was home sick with a tummy ache and nausea and then barfing his dinner out. We slept a bit and then he was up again, losing his lunch this time, all over the bed. I didn't realize it took that long for noodle soup to digest. The neighbors were partying all night and we don't have air conditioning so we sleep with the whole house open - the doors are open, the windows have no glass or screens and are wide open. All in all, a hard night. And today, he's got a rising fever and still low energy and looking a little green.

We're hoping he gets better. He had a great time swimming yesterday and exploring the trails. We will postpone the kayaking and snorkeling trips and hole up in our room, under the mosquito net, watching movies on the ipad. Unfortunately, Netflix and other apps (PBS) won't let us stream videos here for some reason.

HEre's some pix of the elephant trekking up in Chiang Mai. Our 4 year old mahout is sitting on top of the elephant's head.

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Anonymous said...

Snoopy!! Love that rock formation.

Krabi has a good hospital a short boat ride away and a horse-pill of antibiotics may be required.