Sunday, December 18, 2011


The first couple days here, Leo only wanted to eat pizza, and the sumotius buffet breakfast at the 5-star conference hotel (omelet station, noodle soup station, sushi, chinese food, english desserts, crepe station, coffee bar, etc). The next two nights he made us eat at the same restaurant, an organic thai restaurant that played english movie videos. Last night i was able to get him to go to an authentic isaan (northeastern thai) restaurant. Really cheap and really spicy. Papaya salad with the raw fermented crab. Roasted river fish with the spicy sweet salty dipping sauce. Veggies dipped in deadly spicy roasted chili peppers. Sticky rice. At one point he took his sticky rice and was showing off that he could dip the whole thing into the spicy sauce. I can only touch the spicy sauce to the rice before i eat it. I warned him not to eat it but he did. He had to run back to the hotel feeling sick after that but recovered.

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