Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our first day of camping on our big trip. We drove through pouring rain (first big rain in months) up through Colorado and west through Wyoming. Lots of wind farms - Ponnequin, Medicine Bow. We camped at Sinks Canyon which is a beautiful canyon next to the Wind River Mtns.

We wandered around the raging Popo Agie river, over a footbridge and then Leo found a trail and proceeded to lead us on a nature hike for over a mile.

The first night in the camper went well. It rained pretty hard and we were lucky to have our video player with us. It got pretty cold on our first night but we have a nice propane heater that kept us toasty warm all night.

Leo: Daddy, I pooped!
Paul: Great, I pooped too!
Leo: Oh, I only pooped one.

I had been prepping Leo for this trip for the last week.
Me: where are we going?
Leo: to the place where they have yellow rocks
Then I realized he thought Yellowstone had yellow rocks and laughed. Then Leo said,"I think that place has rocks and the sun shines onm them and the sun turns them yellow!"

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