Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yellowstone in style!

Hello! We are writing you from our pop-up camper, freshly cleaned, watching Mary Poppins while we eat some yummy buffalo pasta and Dad does the laundry. We're not getting in the long hikes up any high peaks but we are seeing lots of gorgeous beautiful geysers and hot pools.

Leo had a great time taking pictures of the giant prismatic pool. We took a long hot windy dusty hike to try to get Leo down for his nap in his stroller. It took him nearly an hour to go doewn. He slept about 20 minutes.

On the way back, Leo went into iWant mode. You know, I want this, I want that. Paul got peeved and replied, "I want someone to push me in a stroller. I want a cold ice cream. I want a hairem of sexy young chicks fawning over me." We couldn't get the ice cream or the chicks so we got this video.

Anyway, we're learning how to deal better now. We're finding routine for Leo, caffeine for Paul and shade for me. Leo is still pretty hyper and overstimulated. We're constantly trying to think of new ways to keep him on track.

He likes to play games now. He started a new game with me where he puts his fingers in some mangled position and says "Can you do this?" No matter how well I could do it, he'd say I wasn't doing it right. He kept badgering me with new finger positions and telling me I wasn't doing them right. Finally I said, "I guess Mommy just can't do these things" in a really frustrated tone of voice. Leo would say in a very encouraging tone of voice, "Yes, Mommy you're doing it!" every time after that.

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