Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Leo points to a robot toy: “I want one of those to pick me and then stick to me and then throw me around. It is a googly eye.”

Paul and I were discussing the upcoming election. Leo piped up: “I think Obama is going to win and I think he is going to just stay there.”

I asked Leo what his favorite bug was. He said “mosquito”. When asked why, he replied, “Because they suck your blood out a lot of times”.

Paul and I were talking about who Leo liked in his school. It’s not hard – his class has 9 girls and 2 boys. Leo replied, “Daddy likes all the girls' moms”.

Leo wears underpants at school!

Leo asks to go to potty in a restaurant and actually pees in the potty!

We spend a lot of time explaining the lives of bugs, animals and plants to Leo. He likes to explain stuff back:
“I know of a tape bug. It lives in the country Holosan. It has a BIG mouth. It has pincers in its mouth. It can pinch you. It can pinch you in the eye with its pincers.”

Leo poops in potty for first time!

I’m a big fan of water guns so Leo has had water guns since he was very small. He certainly is a lot more aggressive with them than I’ve ever been. Even without a plastic gun, he’ll take a stick or his finger and start shooting at people. At Camp, he was playing with his older cousins and telling them:
“This is a fire flaming gun. This is a cookie fire gun. This is a poison fire flaming gun with eye chemicals. This gun shoots poison ivy.”
His cousins backed off.

I don’t remember the context of this quote. I think he was just babbling in the back seat of the car:
“If you want the future you have to go L - E – O”.

Leo has been fascinated by his fingers lately and various configurations and twisting of his fingers.
“When I was this age, not a baby anymore, I did this:”
Leo proceeds to count five fingers starting with the pinky and holding each finger out so I can see it.

Leo explaining nature to me:
“I know an ant - a fire trapping ant. It has a blowhole and it can blow snot and boogers.”

Leo writes his name (not necessarily in the proper order) every chance he gets.

Tosses diaper and somehow manages to land it in the trashcan around the corner of the sink basin. I was amazed. Leo just brushes it off: “It’s like a bean toss”.

We were talking about adult boo-boos. Leo says that when he's an adult he will hurt himself.

Leo has been excellent at counting for a while. But sometimes he’ll skip a number or count the same item twice. He’s particularly accurate when there’s something real at stake, like jelly beans. Today I was reading the Dr. Seuss Nose Book to him and he just started counting the noses in one of the pictures and correctly counted to twelve.

Leo writes his own name for the first time using a capital L and lowercase e and o. It was pretty legible. I had no idea he could do that. We hadn’t ever practiced.

“But mama you always win”

“Mommy is my best friend”

For a while Leo was Buzz Lightyear. He had wings and buttons and would say “To infinity and beyond”. He was a toy. Then he became a robot. He’ll walk around like a robot and move his arms like a robot. He especially likes to hold his arms out and grab stuff, saying “chomp chomp”. Today he was a robot:
“I want to put more batteries in me.” Then he reached around to his back to install them.

Today Leo was muttering: “Yes a moving buddy. Everyone needs a moving buddy. I don't want any toys getting left behind. If you don't have one get one!” It took me a while before I realized he was quoting Toy Story.

I came to pick up Leo today at school and his teacher said they saw a coyote on their walk. Leo came up to me and said, “We saw a coyote knocking off a prairie dog!” The teachers said there was no prairie dog around when they saw the coyote. None of us were sure Leo knew what “knocking off” meant! He’s an imaginative kid.

“My penis is a water gun”. I’ve since used this idea to help him get potty-trained.

I was reading a book about astronauts today and Leo pointed to holes on the moon and asked, “Are these craters?”

“Snakes might eat leaf butterflies”
Identified a trilobyte as a wood lice. They do look similar.
“Snakes swallow their prey whole”
“There's a solar panel!”

Every morning I ask Leo about his dreams. They are usually about Elmo and Zoey. Today Leo said, “there were tiny yellow bubbles all over my body”.

Leo says, “the fish are in bags so they can roll to freedom. Nemo tried to roll to freedom but the dentist put him in the trash can.”

Leo telling a joke: Knock knock
Me: Who's there
Leo: Orange
Me: Orange who
Leo: Orange. I'm glad I didn't say banana.

“Next time don't follow me.” I think this comes from the Iron Giant movie. He said this to me when we were playing one day.

Leo says "I was wondering, I must go in a rocketship"

“I like my boogers because they are salty.” This line got such a good reaction, he will repeat it whenever someone chides him for nose-picking.

Leo gives me a timeout. Needless to say, I was not pleased.

Leo knows how to work the 'telephones' at the playground

I often ask Leo at bedtime what the best part of his day was. Today I asked him whether it was playing with the bubble machine, the ball pit, the hot tub, reading with Mari? Leo replied, “Mommy!”. I practically cried.

Leo - I’m sick
His teacher Elizabeth - of what?
Leo - Blueberries

Paul - I guess you're the boss
Leo - No I'm not the boss
P – Oh, I guess I’m the boss
L – No, Pop pop’s the boss!
P - What about me?
L - You don't want to be the boss
Paul loves this story because it’s absolutely correct. He doesn’t want to be the boss.

Leo farts and says "I didn't do it" with a big grin on his face. Hmm, guess you had to be there.

Used a stick to turn on light switches by himself.

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