Friday, August 22, 2008

Spelunking the lava tubes

We decided to stop and see the eerie moonscape of Craters of the Moon in Idaho. We're camping out in 2000 year old lava flow. It looks like molten chocolate, giant dinosaur patties, and black rubble. It turns out they have lava tubes here that are like big caves where lava once continued to flow after the outer crust had solidified. Leo led us on a spelunking tour of several caves. It was pretty exciting. The first cave we went into - he danced around til his shoes came off. We found ice in one cave. Another had several openings and passageways and Leo had to wriggle through a small hole to get out.

At one point Paul and I were admiring the very cool patterns of the stalactites: it looks like ribbons, it looks like flowing water. Leo piped up: "it looks like poop up in the sky".

We were sitting on a bench having lunch and Leo was drinking milk from his sippy cup (he still likes to suck on a bottle, albeit a toddler bottle). Leo stopped drinking, turned to us and said, "You know a game called Spin the Bottle?"

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