Friday, August 22, 2008

Casino Fever

Yesterday morning it was a lovely day in Craters of the Moon. Black sand and unearthly black rubble and lava fields with a brilliant desert blue sky for weather. But soon thereafter, it got hot, windy and dusty. So dusty it coated the inside of our camper, blew into Leo’s eyes repeatedly, and had me going through a pack of baby wipes in one day, just trying to keep up. So this morning I was pretty excited to leave the dusty, windy, hot, god-forsaken land of lava.

We arrived in Winnemucca, Nevada this evening. Tomorrow is our big prep day for Burning Man. Like most other towns, it’s a casino town and we’re staying in this two-bit (I can say this cause I’m from Atlantic City!) casino-like hovel on a strip in a rundown town. Leo LOVES it! He’s entranced by the overstimulating casino machines (you have to walk through the casino to eat, sleep or do anything else). In the hotel room, he ran back and forth between both beds, stopping to jump on each in between sprints, learned to surf channels on the TV, peed in the bathtub. I LOVE it too! Hot shower, ice, laundry, buffet, two bedrooms! In the cheapest hotel we could find in Winnemucca.

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